CLAAP! feat. Santana - Flash

by La Belle Records

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When we first got here, the day we first saw our new house, that's when everything began.
As we got out of our car, the smell of damp quickly went thru my clothes like a sudden, backstabbing warm shower. The house was an off-white wooden building, smaller than a mansion, bigger than our previous home. As I slammed the car door, looking at the wooden boards just in front of me I made a mental note to change their colour. I really didn't like that ivory gradient.There was a huge lake not far from the house.
The kids loved it. Its natural ecosystem quickly became the center of their interest. Frogs, insects, plants, dragonflies, the whole shebang. After the first weeks the ground surrounding the lake mutated into their own, immense playground, their turf, their world. Their own mysterious lagoon.
This is when I started not being able to sleep anymore.
Insomnia. That's a swell name for a techno track, for a pop song, for a designer drug, for a thriller movies, but let me tell you this - it's a bitch to deal with. You've all seen Fight Club I guess. Same thing. No distance anymore between night and day, the world becomes a muffled, ongoing noise, you feel like your brain has tinnitus and you start seeing things.
The night of June 29th, as I was in my bed, hopelessely dealing with my lack of sleep by binge-watching Swamp Thing re-runs, I got startled by a loud noise coming from outside – from where the lake was. It sounded like nothing I'd heard before: an cacophonic mix of clatters like coming out of some machinery and a loud, dark, endless humming murmur.
I got out of my room and instinctively looked at the kids' room. No-one was inside. I rushed headlong down the stairs, out of the screen door, to the lake.That's when I saw the flash.
Flash is the second EP from Paris' nest Claap! featuring the wonderful voice of Santana.The title-track is a breath-taking, crazily intense slow-mo pop songs with hints of analog and strawberry. Oh is a syncopated, uptempo birthcry from a loving bass-covered creature.
La Belle rec honcho Herr Styler drips Flash in a jar full of moonshine and resin.Cherry on top, you'll nd an «emotional sans piste de danse» version of Claap! and Santana's rst hit Dimanche.


released June 29, 2015


all rights reserved



La Belle Records Paris, France

La Belle records is based between Paris and Barcelona. We've released material by Golden Bug, Roe Deers, Moscoman,
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